Hey you! Yes you. The lady with the big untapped dreams…

Feeling trapped?

You’ve been saying you’d be done with these challenges by now, and yet here you are, once again feeling weighed down by the shame of once again not following through with your goals. Imagine resolving all of that in just 60 days…


This is not your everyday “do what I did and you’ll be like me” solution.

I’m not about that life.

You’ve been at this for a while.

You’ve been doubting yourself for too long now.

You’re convinced that you’ll be “ready” for the next big stage of your life if only you’d get your image to match the dream. (Kinda like everyone on Instagram who seems to have it figured out.)

You’re a woman of many passions, passions you can’t tame.

But they’re utterly exhausting at the same time.

Because you’re also EXHAUSTED.

You’ve got responsibilities.

You’ve got people who depend on you.

Life is demanding a lot.

Part of you wants to rest forever with Netflix on a constant loop. . . 

And that other part of you screams NOOOOOO. It knows there’s so much more that your mind and body are screaming for in life.

But, how do you tackle all of that when you feel utterly overwhelmed? Even feel worthless?

You’ve even justified your self-doubt. You’ve tried diets and never stuck with a single one the way you thought you would.

You’ve started a new project and never saw it through to the level you desired.

You put together groups, announced your ideas, and wrote out your vision boards more than once.

And not a single one matches life as it is now for you.


You’re now wondering to yourself, “who am I to desire any of these things??”

No one is going to believe you if you dare announce your dreams again. You’re the one who never follows through.

~You’re still battling the same battles with your body.

~You’re still wavering on what exactly it is you’re dreaming up.

You feel you’ve lost all credibility to anything big in your life.

That the diet you said you’d finally succeed on, the gym membership you declared you’d follow through on, or that coach’s product you announced to everyone would change it all for you did nothing to create the lasting change you imagined.

You’re convinced you’ve let others down. Not just anyone, but the people closest to you.

The last time you signed up for a program, you assured your partner that this would be it.

If you just earned that one last certification.

If you just tried this new diet. The other diet was wrong, this one will be it.

If you just go to one more retreat or conference. This speaker seems to be the one this time.

But, you’re having a hard time even looking your partner, your friends, your family in the eyes anymore.

And the sword drives in deeper when they reciprocate that doubt.

They roll their eyes at your ideas.

They gossip about your eccentricities.

How they wish you could just be “normal.”

And sometimes you do too.

But you’re not meant to fit into their normal. And please don’t ever try. Never ever quit. You don’t have to.

So what do you do?

You still see what others are doing and have a hard time looking away. Why have they figured it out and not you?

You may have even secretly Facebook stalked a few profiles just to see if they’re doing just as well as they said.

If only you could prove you’re not the only one who quit your 100 Days of Real Food commitment on day five, you’d feel much better. Or the only one in that group program who hasn’t made it to a single live call!

Just because you haven’t been able to exactly name your passion, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

You’re pretty damn clear that your purpose is not to self-doubt until you die. 

You KNOW you’re meant for something bigger and more meaningful.

But, you’re almost too afraid to admit it anymore. There’s a part of you that feels like a fraud. Even worse, you fear you’ll be found out.

You’re a woman with a desire to do something bigger. Yet, here you are wrapped up in your own self-shame and self-doubt stuck with the same problems, the same crap habits, self-sabotaging any progress you may have made previously.

You feel pulled to help others. To make an impact. To leave a mark. 

But, there’s still that nagging voice that pokes at you. It says “who are you to help anyone? You can’t even help yourself.”

Why do you still  judge yourself, judge your body, judge where you are in life?

And I get it. You’ve tried so many things in the past. (I get it on such a personal level!)

You’ve DIY’ed your personal development. You read all the books. Googled and voraciously consumed blogs, podcasts, FB posts, and the works.

And at some point, you’ve probably spent some money. The worse part was having to tell close family members that you wanted to spend what felt like a pretty significant amount of money to get this figured out.

You’d do the 21 day detox program your best friend Sally was bragging about.

You’d go to that life coaching seminar.

You’d dream about signing up for and becoming a coach yourself.

You imagine being the person helping others, guiding others, teaching them unravel their biggest struggles and actualizing their big amazing fancy dreams.

And maybe you already did. You spent the thousands of dollars to work with that business coach or to take that Training and you’re still . . . stuck.

You still have the same struggles. Battle the same mindsets. And you feel less worthy of helping anyone else or calling yourself any kind of expert.

What comes next?


You don’t want to do the next fix.

You don’t want to spend money on the next best thing.

What if you only make it through that first week again and waste the entire program??

Still, a huge HUGE part of you knows this isn’t it. You’re tired of complaining, being around complainers, and exerting so much energy trying to explain your life to yourself let alone anyone else.

You don’t want to explain yourself to anyone ever anymore. You don’t have time for people who don’t get you. 

This is not YOUR best life (yet), the one you feel so pulled to live. You know it. You crave that life, and you know this isn’t quite it. Not just yet.

If you’re like me, you know your deepest fear of all is getting to the end of your life and never having realized any of those deeper desires and passions and dreams, especially because of fear. 

Of course, there is a solution.


It’s not cookie cutter. It’s not mainstream. It’s not even “woo woo.”

It’s based in science and love and self-awareness. It’s personalized. It’s about YOU.

This is not a thing where I teach you to think like me, be like me, do everything I did, eat everything I do, and mimic what I say is successful.

That’s not helpful AT ALL. Yet, that’s how 90 percent of what I see out there..

Our brains have been influenced to think in boxes.

We see a “symptom” as the problem and look look for band-aid solutions.

Don’t feel great about your body? It doesn’t fit cultural expectations of beauty? You’ve been told to “just diet and exercise.” 

But, I’m here to show you why that’s just lazy and crap advice. You’re more than a diet or fix or band-aid approach.

The “struggles” you think you have will become the doorways to some of the greatest  work you get to do when you learn how to think outside these boxes you didn’t create.

You’ll have the know-how, the tools, the confidence, and the badass courage to take the best kind of actions for exactly where you are.

How? Because you will NOT be following a system based on someone else’s truths and expectations. 

And how do I even know this? Because this was me.

To be truthful with you, the number one motivation to create this program, to meld together my work with the brilliance of Danielle LaPortes Desire Mapping, was born out of my desire to stop being my own worse enemy.

I wanted momentum.

I wanted to live courage, not just talk about it.

I wanted to unapologetically declare my desires and design my life on my terms.

I’m a single mother of 2 and that’s a formula for learning you don’t deserve a lot of things.

I’ve heard all the harsh words I care to acknowledge.

I’ve been told to “get a normal job,”  to “put my kids first,” to put my ex’s needs “first,” and to apologize for disrupting family and friends “image” of who I was supposed to be.

And I did that for a while. I played safe with my personal development. 

Until I own my biggest fear of all: coming to the end of my life with the painful knowing that I avoided being me and owning my dreams and desires simply because it was “scary.”

I was pretty damn sick of putting so many things in my life on hold because of fear of public perception.

Todd Herman of the 90 Day Year once said “there is no such thing as rejection.” In other words, people may say no to you or to your choices, but you can never be rejected.

They do their lives, you do yours.

But how exactly do you do that?

I’m here now a single, happily out queer mom of two brilliant young girls.

That last part was key for me.

What did I want for my girls and how was I sending them conflicting messages about their own possibilities in life.

Fear #2: That my girls believe they have limits because that’s what they learned from mom.

I had two big reasons to make a giant leap into one of the most life changing processes I’ve ever taken on.

The basic principles are this:

You have desires. You feel them, but you’re not quite sure how to name them and what to do with them.

You will become an expert at naming your desires 


But that’s not all. Knowing yourself is one thing. Ceasing to self-sabotage those desires and dreams is another.

Despite your brilliance and strength, you can be your own worse enemy. You said you’d commit to letting go of so much sugar and treating your body with more respect. That very same week you found yourself elbow deep in a box of cookies.

You will learn how change this behavior by going deeper to places our doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, teachers, and even coaches rarely teach us to go.

You will get clear on the underlying reasons and mindsets behind your self-sabotage and what to do instead. 


And that’s not it.

Because a dreamy life is just that, a dream, without action.

In the end, what you DO does matter. But it matters more that what you do aligns with where you are, what your life can take right now, who you are, and your desires.

Still making that giant to do list?

How many vision boards go unfulfilled?

How many planners have you started and only got through the first month?

How many times have you started a gym membership and made it maybe once in a month?

How many programs have you invested in that still sit there unopened?

On top of that, how many things are you regrettably saying yes to?

How many responsibilities do you carry around that could be delegated?

Do you know when to say no? When to say yes?

Do you know the first thing to do when you start your day? Or are you still operating with 20 tabs open on your computer while  also trying to make breakfast, brew coffee, do laundry, help check homework, pay the bills, and schedule everyone else’s lives?

And then it feels like not a damn thing got done. How can that be? You’re SOOOO busy!!

And no wonder your dreams and passions live inside your mind only.

Well you’re going to learn to how to knock all of that off stat!

And, instead, we offer up the solution that gives you LESS to do not more.

And you see more happens as a result.

Imagine that! You can do less and achieve more.

So, you interested?

Well, let me lay out for you how it all works…


Because you’re already so busy, this approach is NOT that.

I am not all about adding a ton of to do’s and expectations to your schedule.

In fact, we’ll be greatly reducing the load.

Everything is available to you virtually, from the comfort of wherever you feel like logging in. Join us where it suits YOU.

We have one short video lesson to internalize each week supported with one live call. Every call is recorded so you get to listen in on past calls as well as jump on the next round of calls live.

As a VIP you get one-on-one through this baby. Two VIP one-on-one sessions are available just for joining right away, and these sessions can make all the difference. Let ME do the problem solving and worrying for you. You are welcome to unload your world of thoughts on me and I will happily make magic with it all!

All of this is set up for a full 60 day experience. But you are a LIFETIME member. That means you get to go through it as many times as you would like at no extra cost to you.

And, you get the special VIP pricing on one-on-one work with me from that point forward. (This is a pretty big deal for me as one-on-one consulting and teaching is my life and love but I only take on a handful of clients at a time.)

Here’s what to expect in the 8 modules:


Who the heck are you anyways?

Week one kicks off with the most important work of all: The beliefs, mindsets, and desires that define you . . . and may have been holding you back all along.

You will unwrap your deeper desires.

You will get the number one mindset and action steps to open up more possibilities without increasing overwhelm.

Start taking up space with winning mindsets and practices!

An attitude of gratitude doesn’t even begin to cover this week of expansion.

Learn to retrain your brain by rethinking how you see and talk about everything.

And yes, gratitude is going to play a role. 😉


Let that sh*t Go!

Have a hard time knowing how to say no?

Can’t figure out why you self-sabotage your own progress?

Start to make momentum and then all these problems come up and you spend your energy rescuing everyone else?

Again, we will mend up those mindsets and kickoff the important practice of letting go where letting go is aching to happen.

Expect some big shifts in your situation right about now.


Truthfully, most people suck at goals.

And most ways of teaching goal setting sucks.

Especially for passionate, driven, empathic, loving, desire owning women.

You will shift your relationship with goal setting and master the process of setting goals by desire.

It’s a shame free goal process.

Badass Boundaries Are SOOO In!

And, yet again, most people suck at boundaries.

I really really sucked at boundaries.

And they are EVERYTHING when it comes to living your life truthfully and by your design.

This week you will shift your relationship with boundaries and learn how to set them in a way that empowers you on your path to your biggest goals, as well as empowering you in your relationships along the way.

Turn Desires Into Your Dreamy Life

At this point, you’re an expert on your own desires.

You’ll know exactly how to name what you’re desiring to feel.

You’re no longer easily seduced by quick fix diets, false promises about quick success, or any other system where someone promises you can be just like them.

And this week, those desires will become clear, digestible, doable dreams.

You get to dream big and do big things by also still doing less!

Implement and GO GO GO!

As much as I love to talk and dream and read and learn, it’s still all about what you DO at the end of the day.

Don’t overdo it.

Don’t do what everyone else is doing.

And don’t even do what everyone else is telling you to do.

You’ll never have to “fail” at someone else’s system again.

Because everything you do next is your choice and carefully selected by you based on your desires, intentions, and goals that you’ve gotten really boss at setting by this point.

Curate Your Community . . . And Apologize for Nothing!

You’re a badass desire by goal setting Queen at this point.

You’re no longer owned by fear, insecurity, shame, or comparison mentality.

You can see someone else’s before and after shots without flinching or questioning your own worth.

You know where you want to go and you have a pretty damn good plan for getting there.

BUT, who you go there with is just as important.

You will learn how to carefully select your community and surround yourself with the kinds of souls who GET you and will help you maximize your results as a result.

“The best thing about this course is it can be applied to any life area: wellness, relationships, livelihood, etc., and the work you do in one area will give you deeper insights into other areas you may be struggling with. Even though I only focused on my relationship with my body, I figured out what was holding me back in my writing career as well because fears are all connected.

If you want to finally figure out what’s been holding you back, take this course. You won’t regret it. You might cry a lot and end up singing  “I Got You Babe” to your body, but you won’t regret it.” ~Christine Blacke

This part is IMPORTANT.

Sign up as a VIP and get MORE bonuses.


Signing up as a VIP means you’re taking action now.

You’re not wavering on this decision.

You’re not checking in with 20 people for their validation first.

You can feel that this is where you want to go and you’re so ready for this kind of work.

You know you deserve this.

If you sign up ASAP as a VIP, I offer you MORE bonuses and MORE time with me.

Because, I value that initiative and that moment when a woman says YES to herself and her desires.

And, this is what we will be doing in this mastermind program. So, why not start now.

Here’s what our VIPs can look forward to…

Lifetime Access to the Facebook Group and Empowered Queen Community

The group is where you will connect with everyone else. We support each other there, we share, we get support and feedback when it’s requested, and make lifelong friends.

The experience would not be the same without the group.

Everyone gets access to the group. 

What VIP members get on top of that is LIFETIME access to our membership platform, the Empowered Queen Community, which is normally $30 per month!

Lifetime is no small beans. This means you get extra lessons, extra support, and extra access to member only calls.

2 Private One-On-One Sessions

Only VIP members get this included in the Mastermind. We will get on the phone to unload, strategize, and make magic with your desires.

This special option includes a kickoff call and a closing call to set a path for going forward.

Everyone can upgrade (pay extra) for private consulting with me, as long as there is room. VIPs get these two sessions at no extra cost!

Let’s go over who this if for and who it is not for. 

Who it is for: 

~Women who know they have big dreams, desires, and passions

~Women fed up with quick fixes, fad diets, schemes to get success quick, or promises based on living someone else’s idea of a dream life

~Women who love deeply and have a burning desire to live life this way without guilt, shame, or the need to explain themselves to everyone else

~Women who are overwhelmed and close to burn out but so so so ready to change that

~Women who are so on board with women supporting women while we all figure out our path (we stay in our own lanes very well)

Who it is NOT for: 

~Anyone who wants a quick fix or to live life based on someone else’s system or dream.

~Anyone who is comfortable staying in their comfort zone forever and always and will never implement.

~People who get excited when someone else is struggling because it makes them feel a little better about their own life.

~People who would rather judge than listen, reflect, and do.

~People who blame everyone else for where they are.

~Anyone who has it all figured it out already and has absolutely nothing in her life to develop and grow into.


if you’re up for deeper, personalized, and meaningful work that’s going to liberate you in ways you can’t imagine. . well, it’s a damn good fit.

I’m sure you have questions still. So, let’s go over some frequently asked questions!

Do we have to want to lose weight to join? Is that the main focus?

Nope, nope, and nope. Let me just share with you briefly what one of our members said…

“The best thing about this course is it can be applied to any life area: wellness, relationships, livelihood, etc., and the work you do in one area will give you deeper insights into other areas you may be struggling with.”

Since my background is in eating psychology and holistic nutrition, many of my members and clients meet because they want to heal their relationship with food or their bodies. BUT, what they quickly find out is that their struggles with diets and weight are doorways into working on so many other life areas.

We’ve had members heal some painful points in their marriages.

One member started a new business.

Another paid off her credit card debt.

But we all prioritize healthy habits, self care, body acceptance, and self-love to get to those places.

Do we have to make it to all of the calls?

No, but you’re highly encouraged to try your best. The live experience is soooo helpful. I run calls throughout the year. If you miss the round of calls the first time you join, you can jump on those calls in the future.

That being said, everything is recorded! Listen in on your own time and as many times as you need. Almost everyone learns something new each time they listen.

Do I have to do the one-on-one sessions. I'm kind of shy about getting on the phone.

You don’t “have” to do anything. This is about you taking the reigns and designing your life choices based on your desires and truth.

However, it’s also about getting the heck out of your comfort zone. You will NOT learn anything and you will NOT expand if you’re unwilling to get a little uncomfy.

Plus, the one-on-one sessions are pretty freakin’ awesome. I make it easy for you. I’ve been doing this a while and I’m pretty damn good at what I do. Let me take care of you.

I'm still afraid I'll sign up and not implement and regret buying another program. Any thoughts?

Aren’t we all? I take that very seriously. I keep track of all of our members. I will follow up with you, provide as much as support as possible, and help see you through from start to finish.

And, if you know you’re someone who benefits from accountability, the private consulting option is highly recommended. (more info when you join)

I have also matched members with each other, so you can have a personal accountability buddy before, during, and after the program.

Is there a money back policy in case it doesn't work for me?

Well, first, we are going to work on that mindset. There’s a lot going on there. 😉

That being said, I have yet to receive a refund request. This is not a system I made up that promises you instant success and to be a fancy person like me.

I love myself immensely, but I don’t want anyone to mimic their lives after my own.

I want you to figure out YOU and do everything you can to own your desires, dreams, goals, and self-worth.

This mastermind is your roadmap and guide. You will be the one at the wheel with a tribe of women in your backseat watching your back.

What next?

Literally just sign up right now here on this page.

You will get instant access to the membership site, the link to the join the group, and I will follow up with the rest.

I will help you set the schedule for success from that point.

And absolutely everything is online at this point!

30 Day money back BOOM!

I don’t ever guarantee exactly what anyone’s experience will be. That’s just a damn lie right there.

Because you may experience everything in a way you never imagined, and it will be so much better than you expected if you fully dive in.

BUT, I do understand not everyone is going to jive with me, the message, or the teaching style. That’s understandable, because I chose to not be everything to everyone a long time ago.

So, if you end up in the program and realize it’s not working for YOU and you’re actually doing the work and trying, then I will honor a 30 day money back guarantee on that.

And, like I said in the FAQs, this has NEVER happened. We have a pretty damn loyal group and I’m looking forward to continuing that with you!

Join as a Queen VIP today!

One payment (save some $$ this way!)
$495 one-time
Desire Mastermind (VIP)
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Same Plan in 2 Payments
$250 2 payments
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Hear from actual other Queens!

I joined Sarah’s Desire Mastery Mastermind to focus specifically on eating healthier and getting my weight under control. After the work we did in the first few lessons, I thought I had it all figured out: I wanted to feel energized, light, and confident and thought if I could eat healthier, I would. Little did I know, I would be digging much deeper and come to understand that my core desired feeling was really to feel love and respect toward my body. My body had been holding on to all my negativity and disgust for decades, storing it inside every cell, and had done the best it could with what I was giving it on a constant basis. No wonder it hadn’t responded!

The Desire Mastery course helped me pinpoint the reasons that triggered this hatred and the fears that were keeping it alive. As I discovered, it’s one thing to say you deserve to love yourself and quite another to believe it. I never would have had this epiphany if it weren’t for the weekly lessons, group calls, homework, and most importantly the Mastermind community. I felt completely comfortable to share the things I was learning and to ask for help when I needed it. Even though the other women might have been working on different life areas, we were going through the same stages of understanding together and we were able to offer each other genuine support and encouragement. I knew I could write privately to Sarah or to the group as a whole at any time and get what I needed.
The best thing about this course is it can be applied to any life area: wellness, relationships, livelihood, etc., and the work you do in one area will give you deeper insights into other areas you may be struggling with. Even though I only focused on my relationship with my body, I figured out what was holding me back in my writing career as well because fears are all connected.
If you want to finally figure out what’s been holding you back, take this course. You won’t regret it. You might cry a lot and end up singing  “I Got You Babe” to your body, but you won’t regret it.

Christine Blacke
Working Woman, Writer, Total Badass

“I was searching for myself and unclear about what I wanted in my life. I was really at a crossroads. I cared too much about what other people thought and didn’t feel confident in making my own decisions. Fearful of being judged. I had been undervaluing myself and believing lies other people had fed me. Walking on eggshells in my own home. I challenged some of my old beliefs about the way wives and moms should act. I showed up, cried both tears of pain and joy, figured out how I wanted to feel initially. Interesting that some have stayed the same, the “confidence” has turned more into “wholehearted living”. Realizing I need to be vulnerable and break down some of the walls I’ve contructed. I felt no judgement from the others in the group. It was a safe place to share or not share. They were present for me and themselves. Sometimes I felt stuck and that was OK. I started being more curious about my yucky feelings and not trying to stuff them. I’m clear on what I want in relationships/partnerships. I am treating myself with love and respect and watching others respect the boundaries I’ve set. I’m reaching out to other women to build my team of support rather than feeling like I have to be strong and do it on my own.5. If you’re on the fence you will flourish in this class. Clarity is freeing. You’re worth the personal investment of time and money in yourself. You and everyone else in your circles reap the benefits. This has been a diving board of possibility and clarity for me. It can be for you too.”

Holly Bliss
Working Mama, Total Queen

“The mastermind course is great. Sarah is really responsive to the group’s needs as well as the individual. Sarah was there to help me put in more ways than I thought I anyone could.”

Workin' Woman, Beloved Member

“I would tell anyone who is considering working with Sarah or joining one of her programs or groups , to go for it! Jump right in and know that you are in good hands that they really care, know their stuff, and she will do everything she can to be there for you and guide you and teach and encourage. The investment is well worth it many times over!”

Debbie A
Mama & Queen

Sarah and the group have been instrumental. Sarah’s webinars and Periscope broadcasts have been especially helpful. So much info, but she also has a way of saying things that sticks in my mind and resonates with me long-term. (In terms of working with Sarah) I would say, “DO IT NOW.” If you feel a pull, this is the time. This is the real deal.”

Kara Stone
Total Badass Queen/Canadian

That’s it. Stop overthinking and take action!

One payment (save some $$ this way!)
$495 one-time
Desire Mastermind (VIP)
Full Details
Same Plan in 2 Payments
$250 2 payments
Desire Mastermind 2 Payment Plan
Full Details



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