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Do you know the top reasons that almost every diet fails and most of us fall short of our health and wellness goals?

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It’s a well-known statistic that over 98 percent of people who lose weight on a diet gain that same weight back, and often even more, by the end of the year.

But why?

Did they quit?

Did they indulge in too many cheat days?

Was the diet faulty?

Did they lack the motivation to see it through?

Did they not restrict enough?

Maybe they didn’t exercise enough?

No, no, and more no

Most diets fail because the dieting system failed YOU, not the other way around.

Dieting is about restricting in order to achieve quick “measurable” results. Quick and temporary.

Measurable means before and after shots, a smaller number on the scale, a smaller number on the measuring tape.


What it doesn’t measure is your joy, your quality of life, your self-love, your self-confidence, how you feel in your body, how you’re making this lifestyle work on an everyday basis, how happy you  are, how miserable you are, how obsessive you’ve become about food, how miserable most meal times can start to feel, and more.

Sleepy eating

And, it also doesn’t track what happens after that 30 day and 60 day before and after shot. It’s not concerned with HOW your life has changed, only that there is visible, braggable change, even if for only a short while.

So what happens when life takes a twist?

What about holidays?

How about unexpected family emergencies?

Sickness? Loss? Conflict?

How do we adjust when our energy is so wholly consumed with still not quite being enough according to the standards of the dieting mentality?

On top of that, when do you start feeling happy?

When do you celebrate?

When do you go on vacation and trust yourself to eat out without guilt?

When do you get to expand your life, chase your dreams, welcome pleasure, experience passion, drop into savory moments, snuggle without a care?

Because the dieting industry does NOT take concern with any of the above. It’s about results, temporary results, and shifting blame to the consumer when you don’t meet your expected result.

So, the Empowered Queen Tribe calls bullshit on all of that. And, we have the studies and the science on our side. 

Most diets require restrictions, bad food/good food lists, measuring, weighing, and sticking to a plan.

Rather than creating more ease and designing a lifestyle around wellness, to make a diet truly work, you have to work hard all the time.

You have to beg yourself not to eat that extra serving at dinner. You have to avert your eyes away from dessert. You have to experience that sinking feeling in your gut every time you walk past that flashy magazine in the supermarket.

You are told to feel guilty if you “cheat.” Your worth is based on the number on a scale. Your meals are based on what you can’t eat.

This mentality is the perfect set up for falling off the wagon of dieting into a spiral of binge eating, emotional eating, body shaming, hiding, shrinking, and fighting to start over.

What if I told you don’t have to start over anymore? 

What if you didn’t have to reset, reboot, or detox to get where you wanted to go? 

What if you didn’t have restrict and force yourself to be “good” all the time when it comes to the rules? 

What if I added that it’s ESSENTIAL to your well-being and to any possibility of sustainable, longterm progress that you shift AWAY from the dieting mentality now.

woman celebrate

You won’t be alone. You won’t have to give up your days to exercise and food journaling. You won’t have to miss out on mealtime with loved ones or going out to eat.

Your life will be about more celebration, more quality, more self-love, more purpose, more of you and the way you deserve to feel.

We do that through

1.) Powerful, proven monthly mindset work. Through my training in Eating Psychology and leadership education and my years as a lead teacher, I’ve experienced and implemented this work over and over in different setting. Mindset truly is the foundation of success. It will always, always, always come back to the seeds of tenaciousness, courage, and love you plant in the seeds of your mind.

2.) Structured but easy-to-implement monthly healthy habits. We are so done with the outdated approach of restrict and fix. It’s a poor model for longterm health and has a notorious reputation for disappointing millions of women and men everyday. Instead, we follow the proof. We respect what’s true. And what’s true is the power of small steps in order to realize big, sustainable changes. When you have the mindsets locked in, you’ll have to tools to shift more easily into the proven habits.

3.) Nutrition And Movement for Full Body Nourishment: My Training in holistic nutrition and mind body nutrition has taught me this giant important lesson: there is not one size fits all way of eating or exercising your body. In fact, what works for YOU now, may not work 1 year from now. You will learn to nourish rather than simply feed or push. Every month you will be supported with new nourishing strategies to become a stronger, more confident, intuitive wellness warrior.

4.) Community and Sisterhood: And this is the final powerful piece to the puzzle. We have built a strong, supportive, non-judgemental community of women who will have your back. We grow together for at least one monthly call and you have endless access to communicate through the Facebook group.



Here’s what you can expect!

Live monthly calls

2-4 times per month we gather over the phone for a full 1 hour class and optional group coaching.

You will also have access to the recordings to past calls.

Video Lessons/Members Only Blog Articles

Access a vault of live video demonstrations, movements, and exercises to try out each month. Full access to a highly requested member’s only blog starting Jan 2017.

Empowered Queen Tribe Membership

Take part in a strong tribe of women supporting women. It’s a small, private, and intimate group. You are fully supported and never judged. Community and sisterhood heals.

Monthly Mindset + Habits + Movement and Nutrition for Nourishment

The formula for a great life is pretty dang simple: Cultivate strong beliefs, carry forward with strong habits, and take care of that body you’re in along the way.

Each month, to simplify the overwhelm, you get a new habit to tackle, a new mindset to own, and guidance on how to make the nutrition and exercise work for your life.

Mindset + Habits + Nutrition + Movement (It’s a simple formula and you CAN do it!)

And a little bonus!

Opportunity for coaching with Sarah at a great deal

There are often a small number of spots available for exclusive coaching with Sarah and you have the member’s deal!

Who is this for?

Feeling alone, sick of trying what doesn't work, and looking for your tribe.

Tired of second guessing yourself when it comes to food and your body

Done with emotional eating, or feeling any shame about eating ever

Just Damn Ready to Start Loving You Right Now

Unite with a tribe of empowered queens on a mission to rebel against the same ol’ outdated approaches to beauty and fitness.

Frequent Asked Questions

How fit do I need to be to begin?

There are no rules of fitness here. The point is for you to apply the principles of mind, body, nutrition and eating psychology to pave your own definition of what being fit means to you.

Is there an age limit? Is it only for moms?

Absolutely not! We are a diverse group of women: mothers, sisters, grandmothers, retired, and just out of college. It’s an awesome opportunity for women to support women.

Do I have to come to each group call? (I'm super busy)

Of course you don’t. This membership is meant to help you live the life you have more healthfully, not rework everything just to fit a certain regimen. That said, this is about taking time for yourself and never feeling guilty about it, so I invite you to take a closer look at your schedule. There is almost always something on there you don’t really need to do.

Do I have to join for the year

It is highly recommended to commit to at least one year, and you’ll be grateful you did. For a year, the investment is relatively small considering the incredible growth ahead.

Here’s how it works

It’s set up beautifully.

I have asked the women in our Empowered Women community over and over, “What would make your life easier when it comes to self-care?”

It’s nearly unanimous, we all want more time and less confusion about what to do when it comes to diet and exercise.

And we have also discovered that THE NUMBER ONE REASON each person has failed the last diet, struggled to stick out a new habit, and has felt completely owned by stress is MINDSET.

That’s why you get the FULL SUPPORT of a trained Eating Psychology Coach who is devoted to studying holistic nutrition, natural movement, and women’s health. More important, I’m real with you.

We have built a community where it’s safe to be truthful. You are held and witnessed and loved. We are honest about where we are and growing and learning together.

And, you can have the opportunity to have the benefits of coaching without the super heavy monthly fees.

You get monthly group calls, articles, recorded classes, habits, movements, recipes, and group support.

We support you. We cheer you on. We coach you. You don’t have to feel alone as you navigate what you can do to feel better, stronger, full of more energy, healthier, and brilliantly connected to your life.


All this for less than the cost of a fancy coffee a day.

Join for only $35 per month for a full year.

Pay for the year in full for only $320 and save $100!

And an awesome perk we are super honored to add is that a portion of the proceeds from the Empowered Queen Tribe go to support organizations that support women and men in leaving abusive relationships.

Start today!

$320 One Year
One Year Membership (Best Deal!)
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$35 per month
Pay Monthly
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Hear from some of our current members!

I decided to do the program because I struggle with my relationship with food. Especially sugar. I have tried and had minimal success with diets and such and I was feeling so negative about my body and myself as a person.
I started the program and thought I would be learning about a different way to eat and exercise. What I didn’t expect was the extent to which this program would change my life.
I have set some intentions for myself…I wanted to be kinder to myself, to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, to be more available to my 10 month old son and my husband. I wanted to be free from cravings, more at home in my body, and more confident in myself. Seemed like too much to ask, I thought.
I dug in to the program and immediately noticed a shift in myself. I was more present, offered myself more grace and mercy…then all of a sudden I was noticing patterns in my life that caused me to want to eat the food I wanted to avoid. My judgement became curiosity and I found myself LOVING myself through the rough patches instead of hating myself for eating that Oreo or failing to exercise. The guilt almost disappeared!
I found myself enjoying moving my body. Almost like a kid again. I was playing on the floor with the baby more because it feels good to move just for fun. I joined some classes at the Y because I felt like maybe I really COULD do it. As a person who has HATED working out, I was amazed when I could barely wait to get to the gym or the trail to work out a bit. There was joy in simple movement again.
Then, as it often happens, I had some family issues come up. Then I got sick for a couple weeks with what seemed like strep. Then I had emergency surgery for appendicitis. This has all happened within the last month. It really derailed me. I felt shame and guilt and embarrassment creeping in because some of my weight came back and my eating habits suffered because I was too tired or sick or sore to cook. I shared my struggle with our group and instead of a ‘get back on track’ lecture, Sarah offered me words of comfort, grace and kindness and then some excellent suggestions about finding one thing I can change for the better and going from there. There has never been a ‘hurry, push, struggle and succeed ASAP’ mentality and I have been able to back track to earlier lessons, guilt-free, and get myself gently (but with such positive results) back into the swing of things.
You know what? This program has absolutely helped me loose a few pounds and gain some strength, balanced, and awareness…but the miracle in all of this for me- is that it was not hard or painful. It wasn’t full of shame and guilt. And though I am not finished (in fact I am kind of starting again after my surgery), I am finding in myself a worthiness, comfort, and confidence and lightheartedness that I have not had before.

~Badass Work-at-Home Mama

Since I was one of the first people to take Sarah’s Full Body Beauty Program, I wanted to share a bit about how much it’s changed my life!
I was able to set intentions for my life about how I wanted to love myself no matter what size, and how I wanted to not let food control my life anymore…2 things I never thought I’d achieve. I was so scared to write those things down since failure was surely the outcome…
Fast forward a few months, and here I am doing exactly what the program taught me. Living my dream life and feeling great. And really working my Booty, as I learned from Sarah how to really get it in shape! It truly has helped with my all-around health!
I used to always be “striving for a goal weight. Once I’d reach it, I’d hate myself for eating something that made me gain a few pounds. I was chained to the number on the scale. I felt scared that I’d eventually end up obese no matter how hard I tried to “discipline” myself not to eat.
Thanks to the Full Body Beauty program, I feel like I can ENJOY food as I was meant to, ENJOY exercise without abusing myself, ENJOY my life without ever looking at the scale, counting my steps, or being scared of my body, and maintain a pleasurable weight and feeling beautiful, WITHOUT have unrealistic expectations that I need to look like that photoshopped Instagram fitness model <3

~Superwoman and Supermom

“Let me start by saying how incredible it has been to work with you. I have never worked with a coach before for anything, getting most of my help from blogs or books…I’ve found, though, that having a human connection with someone is so vital for change to happen. Through our conversations, I was forced to put into words what I was feeling and had only a vague, subconscious sense of. The more I had to explain, the more I became aware of what the real issues were, and you were able to articulate exactly what I was trying to get across in a way that brought my understanding to a deeper level…”

Workin' Woman

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$320 One Year
One Year Membership (Best Deal!)
Full Details
$35 per month
Pay Monthly
Full Details

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