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Full Body Beauty Program

Welcome to the Full Body Beauty Program!

(Update for 2018) We will be upgrading the full program. If you are already a member, no need to re-purchase.

It is important to me to always be updating here what I’m learning out in the world through new Training and even hard truths.

For example, I will no longer be using the term tribe to describe the Empowered Queen Community. It was a buzzword at that time and I take responsibility for not fully researching the term and how it’s use has taken away from those who are legitimate tribe members from various culture. As a researcher, that’s totally on me.

And, we are a community. The concept of community is so so so important to this work and to our experience as womxn, mothers, dreamers, and humans. We really are not in it alone.

So here’s the Full Body Beauty. 

Beauty is in ALL of us. We get to reclaim that word and restructure what it means to each one of us individually. Forget the highly patriarchal and commercialized version of beauty. You are beauty. I am beauty. We are beauty.

Before starting your course, explore what Beauty truly means to you.

Full Body is about being IN your body. You are learning to feel into yourself again, to allow intuition to guide you more, to relearn how to stand in and move your body with more ease, and to let your body be right

You are full body beauty. 🙂

Also make sure you are for sure in the community here.

Full Body Beauty